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QUADRATURE’S MISSION is to provide our MedTech innovator clients actionable strategic expertise and operational guidance that complements their vision with the aim of accelerating their business organic and inorganic growth.

About Us

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QUADRATURE is a Strategic Business Accelerator that provides operational and financial expertise to US and European MedTech companies seeking growth opportunities, either through innovation, unique business models, international expansion, or strategic acquisitions.

QUADRATURE teams up with early and mid-stage Entrepreneurs as well as CEOs of commercial stage companies in formulating suitable growth strategies.

QUADRATURE advises entrepreneurial teams on operations, strategy, capital raising, product development, and regulatory affairs.

QUADRATURE leverages its deep relationships acquired over thirty years of global leadership throughout the Medical Device industry to bring together senior executives, business partners, clinical experts, medical scientists, investors, and industry professionals.

QUADRATURE partners with international MedTech decision makers in the US, Europe and Asia, to facilitate trans-border expansion.


Our Team comprises experienced senior executives, clinical experts and scientists together with trusted MedTech industry professionals brought together to collaborate on a given Mission under the leadership of Dr. Jean-Luc Boulnois, President and CEO of QUADRATURE.

Jean-Luc Boulnois, Ph.D., MSc., EMBA

Dr. Jean-Luc Boulnois

With over 30 years of global leadership in the medical device industry, Dr. Boulnois has developed early-stage companies, participated in an Initial Public Offering, and led several mergers, acquisitions, licensing, and financing rounds.

Since 2016, Dr. Boulnois has been President and CEO of Quadrature, a Boston-based strategic advisory firm for MedTech companies with a focus on early-stage and mid-market enterprises.

Previously, as CEO and Executive of several medical device companies, with strong operational experience in multiple medical specialties (cardiovascular, general surgery, urology, neurosurgery, etc.), and deep relationships throughout industry, Dr. Boulnois’ focus has been on managing high growth opportunities, either through innovation, unique business models, international expansion, or strategic acquisitions.

As an experienced Board Director currently serving on several US and European boards, Dr. Boulnois advises entrepreneurial teams on strategy, capital raising, operations, product development and regulatory affairs. In addition, Dr. Boulnois served on the Princeton University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Advisory Council, and also on the Advisory Board of a leading US private equity firm.

For the last 18 Years, Dr. Boulnois has also been an Adjunct Professor at the Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College in Massachusetts teaching several courses on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business models.

Dr. Boulnois is author and co-author of 6 book chapters and more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles in laser sciences, applied physics, and biophysics, published in leading journals with one article cited more than 600 times. His educational achievements include a M.Sc. from Paris University, an EMBA from HEC in Paris, France, and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

Trusted Partners

Case Studies

Cardiac Surgery

doctors performing surgery

This clinical stage company has developed a revolutionary implantable device designed for the treatment of heart failure. As the company proceeds with chronic animal testing, Quadrature advises the executive team on strategy, operations, clinical trials, and fundraising.

Surgical Instrumentation

a close up view of a surgeon

Based on 10 years of experience managing a global laparoscopic surgical instrument company, on behalf of a company started by two leading European surgeons around a unique single port access disposable technology, Quadrature identified several Chinese manufacturing partners and provided advice on an asset transaction.


doctors performing surgery

On behalf of a Venture Capital group, Quadrature evaluated a distinctively attractive endoscopic technology based on a patented simple design with the smallest flexible disposable device intended for quick imaging and standard endolumenal or percutaneous diagnostics procedures in pulmonology, endo-vascular, ENT, laparoscopy, and robotics.

Cardiac Monitoring

an EKG signal

With pre-commercialization of its proprietary unique ultrasound-based technology for cardiac monitoring, this early-stage European company retained Dr. Boulnois to develop its US strategy while first establishing its US subsidiary. Upon obtaining FDA 510(k) clearance based on European clinical data for the 1st generation of the cardiac output monitor with its trans-esophageal ultrasound probe, Dr. Boulnois was then instrumental in accelerating the development of the 2nd generation monitoring product with a redesigned user-interface; this new device was then clinically tested at 10 leading US institutions. The company was subsequently acquired by a leading public US critical care company and within a year more than 1300 units had been distributed in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

Robotic Surgery

a robotic arm

A European start-up company in the neurosurgical robotic space approached Dr. Boulnois to oversee a trans-national US and European regulatory affairs team; subsequently, he single-handedly prepared and submitted to FDA an original 510(k) application for the first active neurosurgical stereotactic robot. It was cleared to market by FDA in 4 months, thereby enabling the successful sale of the company to a leading US robotic public company.


medical diagram

This commercial stage stone management company developed a radically new concept in lithotripsy: an innovative ureteral catheter that could be expanded in-situ to safely catch and retrieve ureteral stones. Based on his previous experience managing a urology company, Dr. Boulnois was instrumental in developing the financing strategy from Seed to Series A through successive convertible notes resulting in 7 patent approvals, 4 FDA clearances, and a distribution agreement with a urology market leader.


medical diagram of an eye

In collaboration with leading scientists of The Rothschild Eye Institute in Paris, France, Dr. Boulnois participated in the first in-vitro studies of excimer laser surgery of the cornea. Induced by UV photo-dissociation of corneal chromophores, smooth and regular cuts were generated by a 193 nm pulsed argon-fluoride (ArF) laser. A linear relationship between depth of ablation and laser fluence was established up to a specific threshold beyond which ablation depth did not increase and stromal tissue became increasingly damaged. This scientific study was published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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